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Mala Beads, their purpose and function

Mala beads necklaces have been used for centuries to aid people in meditation and prayer. With 108 beads and a guru bead, you can develop an intention, mantra or prayer keeping your focus on creating the vibration of the mantra or prayer in the minds eye. This allows the prayer or mantra to ring true in our embodied life.

Malas have 108 beads because there are 54 Sanskrit letters in the alphabet. When you put together the feminine and male energy, you have have 108. The tassel represents the strings coming together holding the beads reminding us of the connectivity we have to each other and the universe.

Some wear mala bead necklaces to feel connected to the energy the beads send out and others just enjoy the look of the mala necklaces.

Malas can be created from sandalwood, stones and rudraksha seeds.

Making your own mala is a fun activity allowing your energy to choose the beads and create a necklace to help with your japa (muttering) prayer and meditation.

Lake Hartwell Yoga is hosting a Mala Bead necklace workshop on August 14th at 6:45pm. Cost is $30 and you have 6 kits to choose from which all have different stones. To book please visit

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