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Dry brushing... Huh, What???

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Have you heard of dry brushing? Dry brushing is a fantastic way to exfoliate your skin, detoxify the body increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow. After dry brushing, your skin can feel renewed and refreshed, stimulating the nervous system making you feel invigorated.  There is no scientific evidence showing that dry brushing reduces cellulite. Dry brushing does plump the skin which can temporarily reduce the look of cellulite.

So how do you dry brush? You always start on dry skin using a natural bristled brush. I typically start from the feet/ankles and work my way upward in long fluid strokes on limbs and circular motions on torso and back. I move in an upward direction. It can be sensitive on the abdomen and neck, so lighten up the pressure as needed.

When should I dry brush? The best time to dry brush is just before a shower. Then you can wash off any dead skin cells and flaky skin. Be sure to apply lotion afterward to put moisture back into your skin. What if I have sensitive skin, can I dry brush? Never brush over skin that is broken, which includes cuts, scrapes, lesions, sores or burned skin, including sunburns. Don’t ever brush over areas of infection, redness or general irritation, inflammation, cellulitis or skin cancer. Stop dry brushing if skin becomes irritated or inflamed. Dry brushing is not needed on the face.

Lake Hartwell Yoga just received a shipment of brushes. They are in our All Things OM store and are $10 each!

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