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Bathe in the vibrations of sound

Sound bath or sound bowl meditations in eastern holistic medicine have been a form of healing for thousands of years. So what are sound baths, and how can they help me? Each of us is an energetic body. Each of us has a particular "frequency" of energy inter the universe. Each day our bodies create cells and nourish cells. The nourishment our cells comes from our food, vibrations of thoughts, and emotions due to sensory reactions. Each of our cell has a life expectancy, but before they divide producing other cells. Because our nourishment can vary depending on our state of mind, sometimes our cells can microscopically be different than their "parent" cell.

Sound baths can nourish your body on the cellular level. Vibrations can wash away tension from negative thought patterns or injury. So how are sound baths done? The practitioner plays sound bowls that are tuned the seven energy intersections of the Nadis (the chakras). These powerful intersections can become places of congestion or "blocked energy" due to misuse of the physical and emotional body. The misappropriation comes in many forms such as repetitive motion, repetitive thoughts, busy thoughts, stress, pain, etc.

As the student sits our lies in a supine posture, the practitioner plays the bowl. Students feel the physical vibrations, sometimes they are a witness to colors, and other times they can feel an emotional or physical release of tension.

If you are interested in participating in a sound bath, Lake Hartwell Yoga will be hosting a sound bath on Wednesday, September 25th at 6:45 pm. Come and experience the power of SOUND. For more information, please visit our website or call 706-963-0075.

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