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New Location!

LHY Mission

Lake Hartwell Yoga is an inclusive yoga center with an intentional class design, helping you gain a deeper relationship with your body, mind, and soul. Our inviting teachers have knowledge and training creating a safe environment. The best part is we are in Lavonia, Georgia. 

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Our Mission
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About Us

About Us

Imagine living life with comfort and ease. Doing things because they need to be done but not attaching to the outcome. Dream of living with freedom from thoughts in the mind and slowing your emotional reaction to life around you. What if you were to compliment your traditional health care with the practice of yoga? What if you were able to gain strength and flexibility in the body while building resilience in the mind, what if...what if.


Welcome to Lake Hartwell Yoga. Owner Kristin Joyner offers complimentary care providing evidence-based yoga practice with many health benefits. 




The mission of Lake Hartwell Yoga is to offer inclusive, intentional yoga therapy with an inviting atmosphere in Lin Hartwell, GA. Here at Lake Hartwell Yoga, we believe that yoga is a way of life, not just an exercise program.  Lake Hartwell Yoga is taught by a variety of teachers, all with the gift of sharing peace and acceptance. 

We offer exciting, inclusive classes for ALL to enjoy.  Our curriculum and class design are intentional in selection to encourage exploration and acceptance of self. This allows for introspection and exploration keeping judgment off the mat. Leading with a curious heart versus a critical heart can deepen one's yoga practice revealing our true self.  Classes include traditional yoga, condition-specific classes, and therapeutic one-on-one classes. Owner Kristin Joyner, C-IAYT holds a master's degree in Yoga Therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health.   

We offer an inviting yoga center right here in our sleepy Northeast Georgia town Lavonia, Georgia.  So come check us out. We WelOMe all. 

  • lowers BP and heart rate
  • helps improve cardio health
  • lowers signs of anxiety and depression

Yoga can:

  • strengthen bones
  • compliments pain management 
  • decreases back discomfort
  • benefits respiratory system
  • helps facilitate healthy lifestyles
  • improves quality of life
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