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Meet Kristin Joyner

Hello and welcOMe to Lake Hartwell Yoga. Since 2015, it has been a dream of mine to create a yoga center where people can remember who they are, the spirit of self.  

With a background in education and business, Kristin wandered into yoga with the intention of de-stressing. "Yoga gave me the courage to study and understand the dying process so I could cultivate a healthy environment for my Mother to release from this universe. I gained a deeper understanding of my embodied self and its limitations, the spiritual self, and the endless possibilities,"  states Kristin. 

With knowledge of who we are, we can achieve many great things.

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of who you are, give Kristin a call. She guides others towards the awareness of who they are; light, and peace.  

Kristin Joyner's resume'


Services offered:

Group Yoga Classes                                  Health and Wellness Coaching

Therapeutic Yoga Therapy                         Yoga Teacher Training 

Corporate Wellness

The gita (2).jpg
"Build competency with the courage to try and the curiosity to learn." kjoyner
"Modern Gita"          acrylic on wood
                                     Kristin Joyner
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