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Corporate Workplace Yoga

Health Coaching

Change can be a daunting task. Sometimes we know we need to make a small change, but we don't know where to begin. This is where health and wellness coaching can help. 

So what is coaching? Coaching is a client-driven process. This process allows you to verbalize your goals, dreams, and desires in a non-judgmental environment.  Here you are free to express what you are wanting to achieve. 

Business Office

The coaches' responsibility is to listen and reflect. This process allows YOU to begin to imagine how to implement the small changes needed to create an action plan of change. 

Kristin Joyner is a NBC-HWC and would love to work with you to guide you to your goal.  

Begin a shift using SMART goals 

Finishing Line

As we start on a path of healthy habits and small changes setting SMART goals can generate success.

So what are SMART goals?


SMART goals are used in the coaching model to keep action steps achievable. SMART is an acronym allows you to access your goal.






Time Specific 

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