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October's Taraka of the Month: Linda Powell

Linda resides in Martin, Georgia and has been taking yoga for many years. We are so happy Linda found Lake Hartwell Yoga.

What is the most significant change you have noticed since you started attending?

Hard to put it into words.  Just a feeling of Happiness

What is your favorite class? All the classes I’ve tried so far are wonderful.   Each of the instructors brings their own energy and it always seems that it’s exactly what I needed at the moment.   

If you could describe Lake Hartwell Yoga using three words, what would they be?  Only three words?   Peace, Calm and Zen (said with a smile)

What advice would you give to someone taking their first class? First-timers are always afraid they won’t know what to do.   I had a yogi a long time ago who said: “Leave the EGO at the door and each time you practice yoga you bring a different mind and body to the mat.” So just be in the moment. Yoga is a lifetime practice.  

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