• Kristin Joyner

Taraka of the Month: Cheryl Medlin

The love and support of our students creates the foundation of our sacred space here at Lake Hartwell Yoga. Each month we will honor one of our wonderful students by sharing their passion for yoga with you.

You could be next!

Scroll down to learn more about your fellow yogis. Namaste!

What is the biggest change you have noticed since you started attending? I have noticed an improvement in my posture, less tension in the neck and shoulder regions, and just a better sense of well-being. 

What is your favorite class?

I like them all and don’t have a favorite yet because each style has so many benefits.  

If you could describe Lake Hartwell Yoga using 3 words, what would they be?Peaceful, serene, mindfulness.

What advice would you give to someone taking their first class?

Here you will find acceptance, encouragement, and guidance without judgement.  Ignore fears or doubts and enjoy the self-discovery and peacefulness that yoga has to offer. 

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